Facebook analytics and how it offended me

Facebook analytics and how it offended me

I’m not very active on Facebook, I use it as a calender for events coming up and as a method of communication with friends. I even deleted the Facebook app off my phone because it used up too much data and Chat had all the functions I needed to talk to friends. My likes consist of musicians I like, magazines that post content I enjoy and a few pages I find funny.

So with all this considered, Facebook should have a fairly decent picture of who I am and what it should recommend me. This is incorrect. Facebook is terrible at recommending me things. Usually I’m not fussed about the bad club nights or festival ads/recommendations that pop up, but a few weeks ago Facebook managed to offend me. An advertisement for a vampyre (spelt with a y?) themed party in Brunswick appeared on my feed. The idea that I am in some way related to a group of adults who dress up as vampires in some form of sad escapism was triggering. I had a mild existential crisis.

This inspired me to learn more as to how Facebook business works. When targeting an audience Facebook is a very useful tool (in some cases). People wilfully pour out personal information about their demographic data, interests, behaviour and desires. From this users of Facebook business have a tool to target audiences based off this data.

So after learning about this I did some research into why I might be a candidate for a vampyre party. I went through my likes and couldn’t find any obvious reasons. My behaviour on Facebook might warrant the ad. My excessive event “attending” could make me a prime candidate for vampyre parties. The people I’m friends with might be into capes and teeth on the DL. I might be the right demographic for this kind of thing. I live on the Northside. It sort of made sense, but left me feeling concerned with the online persona I’ve created.

Have you had any messed up recommendations on Facebook or google?


Soundcloud and Monetizing

Soundcloud and Monetizing

The music sharing network Soundcloud is one of my favourite social media platforms. It allows you to listen to music from around the world and keep up to date with what’s happening in music culture. Unfortunately, it’s not doing too well in terms of business and has been for the past few years.

The site is a community based model and uses premium subscription services to generate revenue. I am not a premium user and don’t see any reason to become one which could be why the site is losing so much money.

The premium accounts are exclusively for those who generate content, allowing greater amounts of space, meaning more content can be uploaded. It’s a great idea and I commend it in theory, but evidently the amount of users outweighs the few artists willing and able to pay for premium accounts. The site is planning on moving to a user freemium user subscription model, the details I’m unsure of. As a user of Soundcloud I think this might be effective, I don’t use Spotify or clones of it because of the lack of accessibility for people to upload their own music. The product offered by them is differentiated enough for me to choose it over it competition, but I can’t speak for the other users.

Why do you choose the music streaming service you use over others?