Marketing has been about communication, two ways between consumer and business. Almost always this has been handled by humans, however with the advent of the internet of thing and big data this has changed. People are no longer necessary to foster this communication between consumer to business, software and machines are now able to gather consumers data without the consumer being aware of this. The fact that the consumer is unaware of this eliminates extraneous variables to do with traditional methods of market research. An example of this at play is the creation of the TV show House of Cards. Netflix utilised big data to generate certain design elements that would be successful in creating a great TV show.

The implications of this are immense for the marketing research field. Traditional forms of data collection are usually quite expensive and time consuming. Big data offers a cheaper, faster and possibly more true insight into wants and needs. Right now you might need people to analyse the data but it’s not much of a stretch to think that a program will be developed to make these insights user friendly to parties interested in the end product.

So what will happen to the jobs that are made redundant by this and on a greater scale is efficiency conducive to the idea that everyone has the right to work?


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